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Step #1 – Complete the free Confidential Questionnaire.

Step #2 – The matchmaker will contact you to complete your profile.

Step #3 – Meet your match.


First, complete the MATCHaldean Confidential Questionnaire. Once you have submitted the questionnaire the matchmaker will review it and contact you for a free private interview. During the interview the matchmaker will find out more about you and the qualities you are looking for in a potential match. The matchmaker will also answer any questions you may have.

Following the interview, the matchmaker will take everything you said into consideration and then see if she has someone who could be a match for you according to your specifications. You will be contacted when a potential match is found. You will be given basic information about this person, including a physical description. However, MATCHaldean does not show photographs and will not give out your full name or contact information.

You can either accept or decline to go on a date with this person. If both parties agree to go out on the date, a mutual time and meeting place will be chosen. Dates will all take place at a public location such as a coffee house or restaurant. You will be required to pay a $45 match fee for this date. Also, once you are set up with your first match, you will be required to pay the one-time $100 registration fee.

In order to protect your privacy it is MATCHaldean policy that last names and contact information not be given out on the first date. After your date you will call MATCHaldean to let your matchmaker know if you are interested in going out on another date with this person. If both members agree, contact information will be exchanged. There is no charge for further dates. If one member is not interested in a second date, the matchmaker will find other matches for both members.

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