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Love & Faith

Amber Kalabat-

My first date with Iden lasted 4 hours. We closed the restaurant down that night. After a few glasses of wine and dinner, we spent quality time getting to know each other and learning each other’s tendencies. Iden had told me later that he knew after our first date that I was “the one.”

My love story started long before that first date, though. In March 2012, I had the opportunity to attend a Kairos retreat through Mother of God Church.  I was on a waiting list and was lucky to have gotten the chance to go after another retreatant cancelled. I was unsure of what to expect in the beginning, but it turned out to be the most fruitful experience I have ever had.  I did not meet Iden on Kairos. I actually met Olivia.  Olivia and I shared a lot of the same qualities and values as each other. We became close friends and are still very good friends to this day. We often talked about relationships and marriage.  In January 2016, Olivia said she found a guy that would be a great match for me.  I was always apprehensive when getting set up on blind dates, but I trusted Olivia and her judgment. So I gave it a shot. After agreeing to exchange numbers, Iden first called me over the phone to break the ice. It was a brief conversation but I could tell he was a confident guy and he definitely seemed different from other guys I had met.  After a great first date, our relationship grew from there, and I realized how right Olivia was about Iden. He really was a perfect match for me. All it took was to exercise faith in a friend who honestly and truly wanted to help me find my future husband.

We learned in Kairos that spouses ultimately help us get to Heaven. Iden serves as my rock, and he definitely helps me to feel in tune with my spirituality. We are now married with a six-month-old son! 

Faith led me to Olivia who led me to my soul mate, and I am so thankful.


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