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1. How much do I have to pay?

The one-time $100 registration fee must be paid before you go out with your first match. Keep in mind that you don't have to pay anything until you agree to a particular match. It takes time and effort for the matchmaker to process your file and meet for the free interview. MATCHaldean wants to make sure that all members take this service seriously. You will be charged an additional $45 match fee for each match you are set up with. You will not be charged if you decline to go out with a potential match and you will not be charged for further dates with a match.


2. How long does it take to find a potential match?

Each individual is different and there is no way of knowing how long it will take to find a potential match for you. Fortunately, you do not have to pay anything until a match is found! Once there is a potential match, you will be contacted by the matchmaker.


3. How many matches will I get?

The goal is to set you up with the right match from the start. However, if necessary, you will be set up with as many matches as it may take to find the perfect match.


4. What if I like my match and want to go out again?

MATCHaldean doesn't want anyone feeling obligated to give out a phone number on his or her date. You will contact the matchmaker the next day to tell her if you are interested in seeing your match again. If both members are interested in each other, the matchmaker will provide the phone numbers. It is then up to both members to go out again.


5. What if I don't like my match?

There are no guarantees that you will hit it off with your match. The matchmaker will do her best to match you up with someone according to the information you provide in the questionnaire and what she learns about you at the interview. Your match will not be given any of your contact information if it does not work out, and at no point will MATCHaldean disclose your last name. Members are told not to ask for this information on their date.


6. How do you know people are who they say they are?

The matchmaker meets with each client for an interview and is able to verify basic information by checking licenses; however, MATCHaldean does not always perform background checks. If a member is untruthful, MATCHaldean reserves the right to terminate his or her membership.


7. What if I meet someone outside of MATCHaldean?

You can leave MATCHaldean at any time, for any reason. Just make sure to let the matchmaker know.


8. How many single Chaldean men and women do you have?

This information is not disclosed as people tend to develop expectations as to how many matches they might receive. Also, people are constantly joining or being matched and the numbers change everyday.


9. What if I’m interested but I don’t live in Michigan?

The same process applies. You will be matched with other singles from your area or any area you wish to be matched with. However, instead of meeting in person for your interview, the matchmaker will interview you through an alternative method.

10. Can I see photos of potential matches?

In order to protect confidentiality, photographs are only seen by the MATCHaldean matchmaker. You will be given a physical description of your potential matches.

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